Thursday, 16 December 2010

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Evaluation Questions

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
One convention of a real media product is that they use a large variety of camera shots, for example long shot, mid shot and close up. However in our music video we didn't use many different shots. This meant that our video didn't stick to the main conventions of a music video, but by making the shots continous without changing dramatically so that the storyline of the video is easy to follow. This meant that we could develop on the conventions of a music video to make it more film like.
The mis en scene within our video sticks to the genre that we were going for, by reflecting the genre with the clothing, we managed to stick to the indie type video. We decided to go for a rather covered up dress because many videos influence what people wear afterwards, and as our video is aimed at younger audiences, we decided that we didn't want influence people to wear rather skimpy clothing. However we made sure that we stayed on trend with the clothing because many real products have the most up to date fashion in their videos. If  we had the funds or budget for our media  product then I think we would of had a few more costume changes and props within our media.
Many conventions of a indie music are in black and white and so is ours.
How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?
We decided to make the whole of our products black and white. This fits in with our indie conventions because many videos and products within in this theme are black and white. By making sure we have the character wearing the same clothing we thought people would definately be able to recognise and acossiate the video and the ancilliary texts together.
What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
From our audience feedback we found out that our video fitted in with theme of our video.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Friday, 3 December 2010

Feedback for Final Music Video

Use of Conventions:
-indie style

Relationship lyrics/sound/visuals:
-flashing to beat of music is good.
-could of used different locations, perhaps more varied shots.

Representation of artist:
-acoustic and psychedelic
-in this video - seen to be quite vintage
-shows artist as a cool, carefree singer

Editing/cinematography/mise en scene:
-good use of istop motion
-old film filter made music video interesting
-frame change in time with music was a good idea
-flows really well
-editing works well with the movements and lyrics.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Evaluation Questions

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
We used simple cinematography in our media product like close up shots and mid shots. The reason we decided not to put too many different cinematography shots in was because we felt that in the editing stages of when we were going to put effects in that it would complicate the continuity by switching to loads of different shot types. Also when filming our media product we used iStop motion which was easier to take the shots using the same style of shots. The use of only mid shot and close up shot in our music video challenges forms and conventions of real media products, as real products tend to use a wide variety of shots to make their music video interesting, which is why our music video may stand out as there is a limited amount of shot types in comparison.
Some conventions of indie rock is to have an edge to the music video, with the music and lyrics in the song relating to the visuals. Also to have a variety of scenes, locations and camera shots to keep the audience engaged with there music video. Another convention of an Indie rock music video is to steer away from traditional styles by pushing the boundaries in terms of presentation, which is what we have tried to achieve in our music video.
Our music video challenges the forms and conventions of some real media productions, as when choosing the elements in mise en scene we decided to keep things simple by having just two locations that were quite similar and plain so that the main focus was on the artist and character that related to the lyrics.
When editing our music video we decided to develop the forms and conventions of real media products, by adding effects like the 'aged' look to make the video have a vintage, 1950s feel to it. This would be different to other media products that try to keep up with more contemporary styles of music video.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?
The combination of our main product and ancilliary texts are very effective as they both link together this was because we had decided to use the same character from the music video in the magazine advert and digipak. The ways that we have managed to link our product and ancilliary together is through, the effects, character and style. We decided to put a 'gray scale' on our magazine advert and digipak, as our music video was also in black and white. The reason we chose to do this was because we wanted the reader of the magazine advert to recognise the band and link it to the main product, which could help sell the band to the reader. Another reason the combination of our main product and ancilliary texts are effective is because in the main product we decided to have the character perform a lot of movement throughout and we managed to combine this into our ancillary texts by using a variety of photographs of the same character. The combination of the ancilliary texts and main product needs to be similar in their style and showing there relation to each other as it helps to brand the artist.

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
From the feedback I received I had learnt that we had managed to portray the conventions of our Indie rock genre well as most of the people who gave feedback identified that our music video showed indie style conventions. The research that we had done on other Indie groups had been useful as from the feedback it is clear we had managed to show our music video as an indie style well, through the character and mise en scene. Also from the feedback, I have learnt that when we were making the decisions of the effects to put in the music video when editing that the 'flashes' to the beat of the music was a good idea from the feedback we had received. Other feedback about the relationship of lyrics, sound and visuals shows that some people suggest that we could have used different locations with varied shots to portray the lyrics to the song better by having the visuals show what the song was saying. Some of the feedback of the representation of the artist, shows that we managed to portray our artist as cool and carefree singer, from the movements of the character and the pace and style of the video. Other people when giving feedback said that our use of iStop motion was a good idea, we chose this as we thought the style iStop motion creates would be something different than other music videos. Feedback about editing shows that our techniques  worked well as the cuts we made were in time with the movements and lyrics. Overall from the feedback I have learnt that from our thorough planning and research we managed to show the appropriate conventions of the Indie rock genre in our music video, and the effects we added in the post-production stages added to the edge of the final product.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
During the filming and editing stages of our main media product we used media technologies of iStop motion and Final Cut. When filming we thought that to fit in with the Indie Rock genre, that we should use iStop motion to make the video have a type of jumpy effect and give it a different edge to other music videos, as it would be a change from typical conventions from other genres. When using iStop motion, we managed to achieve a jumpy effect in our filming by having the character and objects moving slowly then clicking the record button on iStop motion fast, so that in editing we could cut out some shots to really make the jumping effective. Then in the editing stages we used Final Cut to add effects like an 'aged' look to give it a 1950s style, that could be seen as a different look on the Indie Rock genre. We also changed the saturation by using a filter and selecting the 'Color corrector' and moving the saturation bar to the far left in order to change it into black and white, as we felt it looked better than in colour and it also made it looked more 1950s and added to the edge of the video.
When planning our music video we used the internet to find our about of Indie Rock bands, and what style they show across to the audience through their music video's and digipaks/magazine adverts. This was a useful technology as the internet has such a vast range of ideas and styles that helped us decide what look we were going to go for in our music video and ancilliary texts.
Another media technology that we used when research and planning was a blog on the internet, so that all our ideas and planning were all in one place and it was easy to locate and find out what we were going to do next.
When making the DVD commentary for the evaluation of our music video we will be using Final Cut to edit together the script and we will cut in our music video to help show what we mean when we are talking about the video and the techniques we used to create our final product.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Technology in our creative progress during the making of our digipak

Photoshop - Firstly we changed the colour of our photo's to 'Grayscale' so that it was all in black and white, then the background was changed to black. We decided to this as it would match the theme of our 50's theme music video, and also created a link to the video.
We also had to rub out (erased) the background of all three individual pictures, which took a long time, and this meant that our pictures would be closer and look more like they were already one photo as there was no shadows or overlapping.
Next, edited all of the pictures together to have the three different poses all in one frame, to see which sequence looked the best.
Also we chose the right font type 'Bank Gothic' which we thought would fit with an indie rock band on their album cover. We then chose to use this font on the magazine advert also, as we decided it worked well.

Final Magazine Advert

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is our final magazine advert we are very pleased with the outcome and think that it promotes our music video and the album well.

Idea for DIgipak / Magazine Cover

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

These were our 3 pictures edited together for our digpak and magazine adverts. We all decided that we liked different pictures so we had to compromise and use two out of the three photo's. We also got opinions from other peers within our media class to help decide which ones to use. We decided to use the last photograph because there was an overall majority of people that preferred this photo to the other ones. We then used the first photograph for the magazine advert as the three different photographs that we put together showed the album to have a variety of songs while also promoting our music video.
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